Renewed Trust in Finland

Sportway’s one-year contracts with the Finnish Cheerleading Federation and the Finnish Rinkball Association have been renewed! This exciting development ensures that Sportway will continue to provide comprehensive media coverage and support for both sports throughout the upcoming year and the year after for the cheerleading project.

The renewal of these contracts underscores Sportway’s commitment to promoting and enhancing visibility for cheerleading and rinkball in Finland. Fans can look forward to high-quality broadcasts that bring them closer to the action and their favourite athletes.

The Finnish Cheerleading Federation expressed their enthusiasm, noting that Sportway’s professional coverage has significantly contributed to the sport’s growing popularity. Similarly, the Finnish Rinkball Association highlighted the positive impact of Sportway’s partnership on increasing public interest and participation in rinkball.

Stay tuned for an exciting year ahead with Sportway, as they continue to showcase the energy, skill, and passion of Finnish cheerleading and rinkball!

For cheerleading, tune in to, and go here for rinkball.

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