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Building a strong consumer brand — Norwegian example that is highly relevant for markets where broadcaster partnerships are feasible, and a more significant number of rights are in play.


Sportway is positioned as a B2B brand with a proven revenue share model and strong record across several markets—ideal for gaining an initial market foothold or where rights are not yet available.


Creating a commercial market for the 99 % of matches never produced

TV and media revenue for the sports industry have been reserved for the elite-level leagues due to expensive production methods and limited distribution.

With new technology, AI-based production, and 5G distribution, 99% of the world’s sports events can find a commercially viable audience for the first time, for a fraction of the cost.

Find out more about our vast array of partners, spanning from major commercial TV channels to national sports federations across several markets. 


A solution with unimaginable possibilities

When full roll out in Norway is complete, we will cover...

Sports federations




Annual matches

What makes the MyGame case from Norway so inspiring?

With MyGame being Norway’s #1 platform for grassroot sports, and TV 2 being the largest commercial TV channel in Norway, it’s a perfect match for a long term, mutually beneficial partnership.

The alliance has grown even stronger with a closely tied partnership with Amedia, the second largest media company in Norway and owner of more than 50 local newspapers.

Together we will bring an unprecedented coverage of grassroot, mid-tier and elite sports, serving hundreds of thousands matches to passionate fans across the entire country with MyGame’s AI-production capabilities as a key enabler!


Produces the content in collaboration with the sports federations and media partners. MyGame produce all matches from mid tier and youth on AI sport cameras, feeding directly into the end user platforms of TV 2, Amedia and MyGame

TV 2

Platform provider for the end user experiences of TV 2, MyGame and Amedia. They serve the partnership with distinct end user experiences and apps, while maintaining one common backbone to enable a frictionless customer journey across the partnership’s ecosystem


Provides matches produced by MyGame’s AI automated live sport production to local fans on their platforms, along with unprecedented editorial coverage of regional and local sport at all age groups

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