Customized solutions for federations, leagues, and clubs

From the easy delivery - to fully managed service

Sportway Media Group's different solutions are best together but work amazingly apart as well. If the fully managed service is not for your federation or league, we'll find a solution that fits your organization.


Creating a commercial market for the 99 % of matches never produced

TV and media revenue for the sports industry have been reserved for the elite-level leagues due to expensive production methods and limited distribution.

With new technology, AI-based production, and 5G distribution, 99% of the world’s sports events can find a commercially viable audience for the first time, for a fraction of the cost.

Find out more about our vast array of partners, spanning from major commercial TV channels to national sports federations across several markets. 

Our managed service provides a range of different service areas

Sportway Media Group’s comprehensive managed service brings forth a multitude of fresh, inventive products, services, and avenues for monetizing sports. The extensive streaming capacity opens up diverse and useful opportunities for players, teams, clubs, leagues, and federations. 

With countless years of experience from our team, we can help your league or federation with:

– Media rights

– Structure and business model

– Data rights

– Betting rights

– Streaming rights

We have built up our expertise by installing more than 1,000 cameras, which makes our knowledge about the production flow extensive. Part of our managed service is support with everything about:

– The camera provider

– The installation process

– Mapping of existing infrastructure

– Internet connectivity

– Power connectivity

Our dedicated software developers have long experience with integration work in different settings. We help with:

– Camera integrations

– Streamlining video feeds

– Distribution platforms

– Stats service integration

– Graphics

– Scheduling integration

– Third-party suppliers

– API solutions

– Software development

The products and services we provide is exclusively developed for the sports arena. Our senior business developers and skilled operations team can supply you with:

– Commercial packaging of your sport

– Business model

– Subscription-based streaming and PPV

– Sponsorship

– Exposure

– Partnerships

– Upgraded productions

– QC & MCR

Sportway Media Group’s base is the distribution of media material and we have built the distribution for many large and small federations and leagues. We can distribute and store your content in a lot of ways, using:

– Customized OTT platform

– White label solutions

– Media partners

– Content distribution

– Betting feed

– Low latency delivery

– Coaching tools

– Archive and storage

In addition to our ability to help you set up your media services, we have also a dedicated operations team that are experts on running the platforms, with:

– Viewer support

– Monitoring

– Club management

– Hardware maintenance

– Hardware repair

– Hardware replacement 

Building multiple revenue streams from our cutting edge technology

From our diverse set of products, our knowledge, and experience in the sports media sphere, we can build extensive and solid revenue streams in many different ways. To help teams, clubs, leagues and federations to monetize on otherwise untapped resources.

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