MyGame to Produce and Broadcast Norway’s Elite Basketball Leagues

MyGame has acquired the rights for BLNO, the top league in Norwegian basketball, for both women and men. This is the third elite-level broadcasting right the streaming provider has announced this month.

To ensure a broad production of Norwegian basketball, the Norwegian Basketball Federation (NBBF), TV 2 and MyGame have agreed that MyGame will take over the rights from TV 2. TV 2, one of the co-owners of MyGame, will continue to broadcast selected matches on linear TV and will remain involved in the development of Norwegian basketball.

Secretary General of the Norwegian Basketball Federation, Espen André Johansen, is excited about the new rights holder:

”We are very pleased that MyGame will be involved in promoting and developing Norwegian basketball, both for women and men. There is a lot happening in Norwegian basketball these days, and we see significant advancements in the world of sports production – so this is a great match. We also know that many other federations and sports have had very good experiences with MyGame,” says Johansen.

Norwegian top-level and grassroots basketball consists of about 185 clubs and around 800 teams, spread across approximately 100 indoor arenas, with 8,000 games played in a season. The federation has more than 20,000 registered members.

”We are very excited to help build the media product around Norwegian basketball. There are significant changes happening in the way sports are produced these days, and we are glad that several elite federations give us their trust. We really look forward to this collaboration,” says Lars Setsaa, CEO and Editor-in-Chief at MyGame.

MyGame has previously announced that the company is taking over the streaming rights to the Norwegian elite leagues for women and men in floorball and volleyball.

MyGame is co-owned by Norwegian media companies TV 2 and Amedia, and is part of Sportway Media Group.

For more information, contact:
Lars Setsaa
CEO and Editor-in-Chief
Phone: +47 934 13 589

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