Reinventing the sports market through AI disruption

Sportway Media Group lifts the sport experience to new heights

With our subsidiary companies’ unique expertise, we have created an end-to-end solution that covers highly distinct sports types. The AI engine and integrated software for data are tailor-made for sports such as football, ice hockey, handball, volleyball, basketball, floorball, rugby, field hockey, and more.

Our companies

The combined expertise and technologies in our companies ensure that our platforms can secure end-to-end live streaming with any production partner or end-user platform.


Sportway is an AI-automated sports video and data production and distribution company which provides end-to-end, fully automated video production of live sporting events.
We bring the power of live and on-demand video streaming to organisations everywhere to ensure that all sports, on all levels are available for everyone.

Sportway allows your biggest asset, the fans, to never miss a moment – from the first shot to the last goal.
We work with federations, leagues, clubs and promoters to maximise the potential of their media product. Sportway supports and advises content owners on how to produce, market and monetise its sport, athletes and associated brands.


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MyGame is the customer facing B2C brand from Sportway Media Group and Norway’s most exciting new media company.

With intelligent sports cameras and in close cooperation with sports federations, MyGame creates a new and exciting subscription-based media market. The service brings grassroot sports content – the most engaging sports content there is – to the most

passionate fans you can find. MyGame covers the six largest team sports, ice hockey, football, handball, floorball, basketball, and volleyball.

Additionally, MyGame is the preferred production partner for producing elite sports content for TV 2, Norway’s leading commercial broadcaster, and Amedia, the second-largest media company in Norway.


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Live Arena Sports

Live Arena Sports are software specialists developing products for live streaming, scheduling, and broadcasting, as well as sports data, analytics, coaching, and in-video match graphics, to name but a few. Live Arena Sports is building a portfolio of software and services with market-leading quality and user experiences.

The coders and industry specialists at Live Arena Sports are based in Stockholm. The team is leading a technology shift in sport broadcasting and data collection through AI that will benefit all the partners of Sportway Media Group.


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Sportway Media Group improves the game for clubs, players and fans

Sportway Media Group provides a new revenue stream for clubs that can be leveraged to develop and retain players


The players get access to watch their own performance in real life match situations, thus enabling their development to new levels


The fans get to watch their family members and friends play their favourite game, from anywhere at any time

Europe's fastest growing broadcast company in sport


Installations across Europe


Installations in pipeline



An experienced management team

Jonas Persson
Chairman - Co-founder Sportway

CEO and Founder of Commercial Sports Media & Founder DMC Production. Ex CEO and Founder of IEC in Sports. +25 yrs experience in sport and media business.

Daniel Franck
CEO - Co-founder Sportway

CEO & Founder DMC Production and XVI Sports, earlier CEO of IEC in Sports. + 25 yrs experience in sports and media
with focus on media rights and TV sport production.

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Patrik Schinzel

Former Chief Controller, Chief of Staff, and Future Strategist within the insurance and retail sectors. 

Edvard A. Tveten
Legal + COO MyGame - Co-founder MyGame

General Counsel of Discovery
Networks Norway and Radio Norge, + Business Development & Rights acquisitions. Lawyer at Arntzen de Besche. 20 yrs in sports and media.

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Lars Lingman
CTO - CEO Live Arena Sports

Former Director at the Research Institute of Sweden. Long background in digitalization and  change management.

Johan Hedblom
COO - Co-founder Sportway

COO & Co-Founder of DMC Production with 30 yrs experience in TV-production and broadcast services with focus on live sports.

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Martin Englund

More than 25 years experience from events and sports marketing. Including 13 years at IMG, 7 years within the core team building and managing the Friends Arena and 3 years for the NHL, with responsibility for European business development.